Subscription & Registration



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Subscription and registration: rules of the game

Money1.wmf (43860 bytes)Since halfway every quarter the Hash Cash can see the Bottom of the moneybox cause of back payments we readily like to explain the rules:



It is not the intention that the Hash Cash must ask everyone separately of they could please pay their subscription. We ask you to make your payments in advance of the term.
It is no use to walk away when the Hash Cash comes around.
We urgently ask you to make your payments through the bank. Forms for standing orders are obtainable from the Hash Cash.
Those who promised the last few months to pay through the bank are kindly requested to do so as yet because nobody did.
You are not paying a premium for your presence but a membership-fee, so if you have been away for a while or leave before the end of the term, please don’t ask for a discount on your subscription. If you leave for a longer period, please tell the Hash Cash you will not be a member for that period.
Starting December 1st 1998, the subscription is fixed at Sf. 3.000,- every month and has to be paid at the latest on the first run of the month. Guest pay Sf 1.500 per run.

It is not the intention that the Hash Sec must ask you if you could pleas register. We urgently request that you register before the run and not at the latest moment. No registration = no crossmark.



(22 Feb. 1999)