A guide to Hares and Hounds



For the benefit of those who have recently joined the Hash, for some Hares who have apparently forgotten the basic rules and for the enlightment of other Harriers who on the odd week must have wondered whether the club has any rules at all, set out below is a guide for Hares and Hounds which should help members to obtain the higher order of Hashmanship.

The Hash is being held every Monday at 5.30 p.m. (wet or shine). The run starts principal within a distance of a 20 minutes drive from the Onafhankelijkheidsplein;

A trail is laid by three persons, who volunteered (Hares). The trail is laid with shredded paper (shreddy). The pack (Hounds) follow the trail, shouting "On-On";

Do not lay false trails at the start of the run;

A clear trail for approximately ½ km should be laid from the start. It must be clear so that late arrivals can catch up;

A "Check" must be clearly indicated by writing a large CHECK in chalk or by laying a large circle of shreddy. From this point several trails are marked in different directions. False trails have 5 or less piles of shreddy. The correct trail has 6 piles and more;

After a check the trail must restart within a 359 degree arc from the check, not more than 150 meters away;

A "cutback" is marked wit an X. You should have to go back and then look for the correct trail;

The run should be between 4 to 6 kilometers, about 50 minutes;

Depending on the length of the trail, four or five good checks and two or three cutbacks should be laid;

The last stretch of the run should be on a track or road with no checks, marked "On-On-Home", leading straight to the starting point and the cars (distance about 300 meters);

At all times lay a clear trail with plenty shreddy or chalk. Far better too much than too little;

When laying a trail, start with plenty of shreddy;

Piles of shreddy should be at least every 25 meters, and on THE RIGHT side of the road, so the hounds run into the oncoming traffic;

A good run can only be had if the trail is good, and the ‘recce’ is most vital. Two recces should be made. As a guide: If it takes two hours to walk the final trail, the runners will do it in 45 minutes (incl. Cutbacks and checks). Also a good trail gives the opportunity to the walkers to have some shortcuts to catch up with the runners;

Remember: you have NOT joined an athletic club. The general idea is a social rather than a physical run. The idea of checks, cutbacks and hidden trails is to give the fit ones more running by checking these trails and allowing the slower ones to catch up so that generally the pack stays together;

Call the trail while you’re on (ON-ON);

If you feel an irrepressible desire to lay a trail, report to the HashSec. We need hares every week. No Hares, No run. For new Hares there is always someone available with experience in setting. Shreddy (cut up documents from embassies and companies) can be obtained through the council;

The council are the Grandmaster, the Jointmaster, the HashSec, the HashCash and the HashBooze;

The Hares are responsible for the "After Hash" and they take care of the drinks and the ice. The bill can be given to the HashCash. The HashBooze will give advise and information if necessary;

The contribution for the PH3 will be set by the HashCash on a quarterly base (now it is set at SRD 15,-- per month per person). For new ones and guest runners the first hash will be SRD 5,-. When they become a member they pay the monthly or quarterly contribution of SRD 15,--;

All other Hash rules will dawn upon when you regularly participate in the Hash.